About Me

I went into the military service when I was 17 years old.  Served in South Korea, Germany, and two tours of combat in Vietnam.

My first tour was 16 months in South Korea.  Served with Company C fourth Calvary as a rifleman but was chosen as company commander’s jeep driver and radio operator.

Then while in Germany, I was recruited by the Green Beret’s and accepted.  I served 11 years with them.  When I came back from Germany I went through airborne training and was awarded my silver wings. I went from there to Fort Bragg, NC.  I went through months of training to become a special forces operations and intelligence Non Commissioned Officer.  From there I went to Fort Holabird (now closed) to the army intelligence school.

Vietnam started and I was sent as a Sergeant with Company D Fifth Special Forces Group (Airborne). After the second tour in Vietnam I was reassigned to John F. Kennedy Special warfare center and school.  I retired from there July 1976.

In December, 1978 I was hired by the US Postal Service and assigned to Buford Georgia’s Post Office.  Worked there for 21 years and retired on January 1999.   During my retirement I really missed not staying busy and started looking for a home based business.  I received an e-mail from Matt Loyd.  The founder and CEO of MOBE (My Online Business Education).  I joined MOBE that very day and started going through the 21 steps.  Around step 15 or 16 my coaches invited me to become a diamond mastermind.  Which is the highest mastermind in MOBE.  I did so and I have been through more training than I thought ever possible and I will continue training as long as I work with  MOBE.

My wife and I were living very comfortably, but just wasn’t satisfied.  If you are not satisfied with your life or would like to make more money.  I invite you to go to http://extraincomeforveterans.net/ and click on the Carosel image for 21 steps.